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AXW American.Xtreme.Wrestling

Sign a Contract

Posers Already In Use

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Make sure no one has you poser, finishing move, or theme music by checking the links above.

Character Name:
Character Sex:
Date of Birth:
Alignment(Heel, Face, Neutral):
AIM(Will not be on Roster, but incase the Staff needs to get in touch with you):
Theme Song:
Description of Entrance(for results):
Style(High Flyer, HardKore, etc.):
Poser(Picture & Name):
Finishing Maneuver:
Finishing Description:
Five Favorite Moves:
Sample Roleplay:
In Ring Attire:
Out of Ring Attire:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Body Type:
Extended Movelist(Optional):

Before you send anything in make sure that no one has your poser, finishing move, or theme song taken other wise your contract will be rejected. After you have check copy and paste the information into a e-mail to Make the title of the message AXW Application.

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