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AXW American.Xtreme.Wrestling

Shawn Jackson


Vital Stats (Wrestling Information)
Weight:247 lbs.
Nickname/Allies: The Freak
Entrance Music: Solitare Unraveling by Mushroomhead
Wrestling Style: Hardkore/Technical
Alligment: Heel

Vital Stats (Body Information)
Hair Color: Bleached Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Injuries: N/A
Body Type: Simi-Muscular

Finishing Move: Jackson Effect
Discription: Crucifix Bomb

"The Freak" was born and raised in New York City, where as a child he was considered different. To gain attention he, like most children like him, tried to stand out by acting "weird" and and rebeling. Regardless of his attempts he was left a lone and ran into some bad stuff. After going to rehab at age 14 he was approached by a coach at his future high school. Jackson was a large and muscular kid because he had nothing else to do, so he was a prime prospect for his high school wrestling coach. He accepted but later got kicked off the team because he was caught doing drugs yet again. He was the approached by his cousin, a pro wrestler, and asked if he wanted to get into the business to keep him away from drugs. He accepted and began his training. Not making it into a promotion until age 26 he quickly caught attention in his small indy fed and won the EICW Heavyweight Title. After being stripped of his title from his behavior, he left the promotion and floated around for the next few years.

Entrance Discription:
The arena is pitch black and for about 10 seconds, then This Is The New Sh*t starts and after three seconds the lights start to come on a little bit. With the lights still dim Shawn Jackson comes out and slowly begins walking down to the ring.

Wrestler Information
Name: Shawn Jackson
Birth Date: 11/13/1977
Hometown: New York, NY

Clothing Information & Attire
In-Ring: Comes out wearing a wore out pair of jeans and no shirt, he has scars all over his chest. He is wearing 4 metal bracelets on each wrist(which he doesn't wear during matches) and has black lip stick and nail poilish on, and big black boots. He's also wearing black and white gloves without fingers and has 3 piercings on each ear. He has a large tattoo of a crow on his chest.
Out-Of-Ring:He wears suit and purple bow tie, plus a large top hat with a purple ribbon around it. He also sometimes has a cane with a raven's head on it.

Achivements: N/A
Title History: N/A

Other Information:
Member Since: January 2008
Manager: N/A
Stable: N/A
Tag Partner: N/A

Five Favorite Moves:
Tilit-A-Whirl Powerslam-Tilit-A-Whirl Powerslam
Inverted Russian Legsweep-Inverted Russian Legsweep
Triangle Choke-Triangle Choke
German Suplex into Near Naked Choke-German Suplex into Near Naked Choke
Exploder Suplex-Exploder Suplex

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