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AXW American.Xtreme.Wrestling

Black Death

Vital Stats (Wrestling Information)
Height: 6'7
Weight: 295 lbs.
Nicknames/Allies: N/A
Entrance Music: Prefect Stangers by Deep Purple
Wrestling Style: Submission
Alligment: Tweener

Vital Stats (Body Information)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Bald
Body Type: Muscluar

Finishing Move: Black Death Drop
Discription: Death Valley Driver off the Top Rope

Comming Soon.

Entrance Discription:
Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple plays and goes on for about five seconds then BOOM! Pryo explosion goes off, Black Death walks out to the ramp and stops there for a few seconds hands on hips looking out to the crowd. He is wearing a big black overcoat that goes all the way done to his boots. Walks down to the ring , up the ramp onto apron. Stops on the apron looks out toward the crowd again sweeping his head left to right with a smile on his face. Enters the ring through the middle rope and head to the corner were he takes off the overcoat and hands it to the attendant outside the ring. He turns around in the corner and starts to bounce up and down ready for the match.

Extened Movelist:
1.Cradle Brainbuster
2. Dragon Sleeper
3. Gutwrench powerbomb
4. Full Nelson Suplex
5. Indian Death Lock
6. Single Leg Boston Crab
7. Hangman's Neck Breaker
8. German Release Suplex
9. Shoulder Breaker
10. Full Body Stomp

Wrestler Information
Name: Black Death
Birth Date: 8/20/1979
Hometown: Las Vagas, NV

Clothing Information & Attire:
In-Ring: Black tights,  hands wrap, black socks and wrestling shoes
Out-Of-Ring: Suits

Achivemets: N/A
Title History: N/A

Other Information:
Member Since: January 2008
Manager: N/A
Stable: N/a
Tag Partner: N/A

Five Favoriter Moves:
Axe of Thor=Axe of Thor
Gutwrench Powerbomb=Gutwrence Powerbomb
Dragon Sleeper=Dragon Sleeper

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