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AXW American.Xtreme.Wrestling

Official Rulebook


1. A handler may control upto two superstars of the same sex and one of the opposite(two males, one female or two females, one male). This rule may change once the roster begins to get a little crowded.
2. You MAY NOT use the character, or secondary characters of another handler in your Roleplays without permission. If the handler of the character(secondary characters meaning: Friends/Family Members they use in their Roleplays) reports it and states that they never gave permission, the Roleplay will not count and will be as if it was never posted! However if the handler owns a gym, funeral parlor, etc., that is fair game.
3. All Roleplays for a show are due the day before. Therefor if you are Roleplaying for a Tuesday Night Show, Monday is your last day to Roleplay, once the clock strikes Midnight and it becomes Monday then no more Roleplays will be counted. For a Pay-Per-View event Roleplay due dates will be placed on the forums.
4. Two consecutive no shows(not RPing without a reason), will result in automatic termination from the federation, no questions asked!
5. There are no "real" characters used in the AXW You can not use any professional wrestlers from the WWE, TNA or any indie feds, or retired wrestlers for that matter. You may use them as your pic base but not as your character.
6. For all shows it is a three Roleplay limit, but, just because you posted three Roleplays and your opponent posted one does not mean you will win. Quality over Quantity!
7. We try to make the results as best as possible every show, with that in mind, if you offer to help out on a show it is greatly appreciated. Even if the show only has four or five matches even getting one off of the staff's hands can sometimes improve the quality of the other three match. We also encourage you to submit promos to be placed on the results as well as fill out attack forms when you are in a feud. Results will be posted the night of/morning(early A.M. morning 1,2,3,4) after the date of the show.
8. All Results are final once they are posted, bitching will not get you a win, it is a committee of people who vote on who won and who lost, although I personally may have thought you won the match, if the other two members believe your opponent won, although I am the President, I have been out-voted...the other will win. Bitching is going to get you nothing, it will give us a head ache and for will get us probably a little pissed off at you. So, please, for the sake of us all...don't do it.
9. This is a Roleplay Federation which means all of the winners are decided by Roleplays, not by angles. If a match where to be decided by an angle it would say so on the card, or would be added to the card come results and there would be no roleplays for it, this way no way can say "I Roleplayed better than him, but, he still won? What the f--- is that?". It rarely happens but it could, also, a championship will never switch hands in an Angle Match, you work hard to become a Champion we're not going to just hand over your belt to someone for an angle.
10. If there is one thing that I can not personally stand is a handler writing up three RPs and posting all three within the last hour or so before the deadline, sometimes within the last five minutes before the deadline. Therefor in the last 24 hours you may only post one Roleplay! This rule is simply to keep people from posting their three RPs right before the deadline. Before the final 24 hours you can post two Roleplays back to back if you really wish, but once it is the last Roleplaying day 1 RP, that is it for exception!!!
11. Concerning rematches. This is where the "champion advantage" comes into play here in the AXW. In "real" wrestling the champion has an advantage because if he/she is to be counted out or disqualified, they would loose the match, but, retain thier championship. As there is no way for us to do that, we do decide to give the champion a little bit of an advantage, in one way. If they are to loose their championship, they have up to one month from the date they lost the belt(example: loose on February 9th, they have until March 9th) to alert the President that they would like a rematch. The rematch may happen at the very next show, or they may have to wait a little bit, but, they will be granted a rematch. The speed on how quick the former champion will get a rematch depends on if there is a feud surrounding the championship belt at the present time and which championship he/she is requesting a rematch for.
12. - For ALL matches there is a team of people who will be reading Roleplays, we(including myself) will read all Roelplays for the event and decide who we feel won the matches(of course if there is a member of the fed involved, he/she will have no say over a match that he is in or a match that can effect him in any way). We will alwways keep this an odd number...therefor when you decide to ask why you lost, the reason will be this "You were voted against 2-1" or "You were voted against 3-0", simple as that no more explanation needed. It is not just one person's mind choosing who wins in match ups, it is three people...which means three different views on how Roleplays should be written.
13. - The Weight Limit for the Cruiserweight Championship in 225 pounds.
14. - When a character no shows the first time they will not be able to have a title match for two weeks. If down the line they no show a second time they will not be able to have a title shot for one month. After the third no show(even if there is a large amount of time in between the no shows) they will be cut loose. A no show being not Roleplaying without a valid reason.(Two consecutive no shows will automatically results in being fired).
15. - Roleplays will be graded as follows: 60% to quality(description, story, reference to feuds/match, etc.), 35% to quantity(length, amount of RPs) and 5% to grammar(self explanatory)
16. - Your character can NOT be extremely unpreportional to your pic base. In other words, if your pic base is 6'2" and 250 pounds the tallest he can be is 6'4" and shortest is 6'0" with the max weight being 270 and minimum weight being 230. There is a 2 inch and 20 pound buffer...try and keep it realistic. Also, if your character is seven foot do not put down that his signature move is a Swanton Bomb.

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