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AXW American.Xtreme.Wrestling

Superstar Interviews


Hello I am Jake Durnin and I was with Tony Lunde earler today and I asked him a few questions.
AXW-What are your thoughts as we come up to the first AXW show?
Tony Lunde-Lets see my thoughts here.....Im pumped to say the least. I'm ready to show people what I'm made of and the impact that can be made. I plan on using this show as a way to get more experence for the future.
AXW-Do you think that you will win your first match?
Tony Lunde-Its better to not think sometimes, only because there isnt a lot of people who are good at at like me. I kinda like saying to myself "Dont think, react." it helps alot. to answer your question yea i KNOW i will.
AXW-What are your thoughts of the owners?
Tony Lunde-Hey i respect em. they gave this chance to wrestle so, you cant hate em.
Are you anticipating to win the tournament for the Xtreme Championship? anticipating is a small word for how i feel. if i dont win well then i hope i made a good point on how tough it is to wrestle me. I want to win. nt sure if i will, but in my head i say to myslef i will.

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